Next Meeting:

Saturday 21st September 2019, 10.30am – 4pm

Speaker: An ‘Introduction’ to natural dye with Judy Hardman.

Judy is a long draw spinner and has been spinning, weaving and dyeing for over thirty years. She’s an expert on Natural Dyeing creating a good range of colours using a variety of plants. Weld and dyers greenweed for yellows, madder and cochineal for reds, coreopsis for orange, indigo for blue and a combination of these for green and purple. Logwood also gives purples and greens when over dyeing yellow.

Judy uses flowers, stems, roots and skins in her natural dyeing technique.

Her book Natural Dyes describes how to dye with plants that can be grown in the garden or collected from the countryside; it is lavishly and delightfully illustrated by RHS medalist, Sally Pinhey with accurate and detailed botanical watercolours as well as photographs of yarn samples of the colours each plant produces. Judy’s book includes instructions on solar dyeing, step by step guide to dyeing wool, silk, cotton and felt in all its forms and gives five different garden designs using dye plants.

Sunday 22nd September 2019, 10am – 4pm

September Workshop: Natural Dyeing Workshop with Judy Hardman
at Forest Hill Village Hall.

Judy’s Workshop day will include the use of mordants, dyes, equipment with an aim to produce a range of samples by the end of the workshop.

She is aiming to teach those attending the workshop a range of techniques resulting in sample cards. This will create a colourful record of the dyes for future reference.

Visitors are very welcome to come to our meetings, with no charge for your first visit and then a charge of £5 for the next two visits;after that we request that you join the guild.  Guild membership is £30 for 2019, rising to £35 in 2020.

Guild meetings are held in Beckley village hall.

Guild workshops are held in Forest Hill village hall.